What's All the Hype About Eating Locally Grown Food?


I’m sure by now you’ve heard or read that it’s good to “eat local” and shop at your neighborhood green market.

  • What are the benefits of eating local compared to eating food that’s been transported long distances, sometimes all the way across the country?
  • Where can you find the best and freshest locally grown foods?
  • Are there benefits to the environment if you and your family eat locally grown produce?

As it turns out, there are a lot of great reasons to eat locally grown foods. 

  1. Locally grown food is fresher than food that has been trucked or flown to your town from far away places. When I buy lettuce at the local Green market, it was just picked the day before my purchase and stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. That would never happen when buying lettuce in any grocery store, no matter how organic or fancy that store is.
  2. There is something satisfying about visiting the farm where the food you’re eating was grown. Eating locally grown food creates a sense of community. I’ve actually gotten to know some of the farmers growing the food that my family and I eat. Sharing conversation at the Green market each week with local growers has created bonds and friendships with my food producers that I never would have had shopping in a conventional grocery store.
  3. The taste of freshly picked, locally grown food is delicious! The farm to table experience in your own kitchen can’t compare with food that’s been trucked or flown long-distances then sits on grocery store shelves for days before you buy it.  When it comes to the taste of fruits and vegetables, freshness matters.
  4. An often over looked advantage of eating locally produced foods is variety. The growers who sell at farmers markets often, supply local, farm to table restaurants want fresh, unique, organic foods. Specialty and gourmet restaurants demand high-quality unique ingredients. This leads to the cultivation of a greater variety of foods, some of these known as heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. Foods that many Americans haven’t had access to since our great grandparent’s day.
  5. A big carbon footprint is left behind every time food is shipped thousands of miles.  Taking the extra time to look for farmers who grow or source their products using sustainable and organic growing practices minimizes the environmental impact your food is having on the earth.

Hopefully, this has answered some of your questions about the benefits of “eating local”. I hope it’s inspired you to give your local green market a try. Drop me a line and let me know about some of the benefits you’ve experienced buying and eating foods grown in your area.

In Good Health,

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